“I came knowing nothing and left feeling very confident in my ability to handle anything that came my way.”
California, USA
“Friendly staff, informative, telling us what we need to know/buy without being "pushy". A wealth of experience to draw on as a resource in the future.”
Pennsylvania, USA
“Professional, well thought out program. Wonderful family! Thank you!”
“The experience was great! the classes were perfectly split between theory explanation and practical training, filled with very useful insights.”
“Everyone was professional and helpful on a personal level. The chance to try different products was very valuable.”
Oklahoma, USA
“Positive experience. Will probably use ILBA for training my baristas!”
Illinois, USA
“Not only do they sell carts but you train people. From the friendly staff to the classroom setting, enjoyed every moment!”
Illinois, USA
“Great, So glad we finally made the decision to move forward! Can't wait for our next step.”
Oregon, USA
“Learned a lot about opening a coffee business. Know more about what I like about coffee shops and I'm excited to begin my adventure.”
California, USA
“We came looking for information on opening a drive thru, leaving here I have so many questions answered, my wheels can't stop turning! Look forward to working together in the future.”
Oregon, USA
“It's been a great experience and I learned a lot in this course and enjoyed having such a knowledgeable instructor.”
California, USA
“Feel more confident about the coffee cafĂ© world now!”
California, USA
“Very welcoming, friendly staff and full of information.”
Maryland, USA
“I had a very good time, learned a lot without feeling pressured.”
Arizona, USA

Espresso Express
Espresso Express Coffee Cart
"Coffee Cart Biz is one-stop shopping. We chose the complete package, which included the construction of a state of the art kiosk and equipment, assistance with health inspection and valuable guidance and training concerning site selection and drink preparation.

'Tim Langdon of Coffee Cart Biz has been a great mentor during the entire process and he continues to assist us when needed. If you want a top of the line kiosk and a great mentor, don't go anywhere else!"
--John & Sherry Engstrom
West Coast Coffee
West Coast Coffee Coffee Cart
"After researching a variety of business opportunities, the concept of starting an espresso cart business became more and more attractive from both a risk perspective and minimal time to profitability. Having come into this from a completely different industry, leveraging the in-depth knowledge from people who have hands on experience in designing, implementing and running these businesses was going to be vital to our own success. Tim Langdon and his partner, Stephanie Garden, have been critical to our success. Having been there throughout the entire process to ensure the successful design, delivery, systems implementation and training to get us up and running efficiently and effectively from Day 1. From location selection, lease negotiations, regulatory compliance and build out, their in-depth knowledge and experience has been key to our successful launch. We could not have done this as well as we did without them."
--Christopher Puglisi, President, West Coast Coffee Bar, Inc.
Melitta Coffee Company
Melitta Coffee Company Coffee Kiosk
"Our client wanted to get an upscale European Cafe to deliver their premium coffee to consumers in the streets, and Coffee Cart Biz was not only able to capture the European look, but deliver a coffee kiosk fit for the streets of Paris or Venice!"
--Andrew Ferguson, Sr. Production Manager, Euro RSCG 4D Impact
The Latte Dog
The Latte Dog Coffee Cart
"From start to finish our experience with Coffee Cart Biz went very well. Even though we are in Washington State and they're in California, Coffee Cart Biz treated every conversation as a one on one situation when tailoring a cart to best fit our needs. We shared our idea and they put it to work with the end result being a gorgeous cart, delivered and packed carefully, right to our designated location. On a daily basis I receive compliments from the public of how solid and classy our structure is. With the ability to customize your own cart and have someone who will go above and beyond to best fit your needs, I know Coffee Cart Biz was the best fit for my prospective business. My decisions were solely centered on class and presentation and through much research on competitive companies I know they couldn't have come close to the quality that Coffee Cart Biz has to offer. I know for a fact that due to my carts overall image, my business has become very successful in a short amount of time. If I were to get a second cart and customize my ideas all over again, hands down I would give my business to Coffee Cart Biz again."
--Nicole Younker, The Latte Dog
Guapo Coffee
Guapo Coffee Coffee Cart
"My name is Megan Reay and I began my coffee business just a month ago. I researched several custom coffee cart businesses before placing an order with Coffee Cart Biz. The deciding factor for me was price and customer service. My sales rep, Steve Cerecedes, was so helpful and always prompt in answering questions, whether they were run of the mill or completely off the wall. Coffee Cart Biz went above and beyond for me building a beautiful coffee cart that I love!"
--Megan Reay, Guapo Coffee
Caffe Italia
"After months of research and planning, we decided to purchase a coffee cart from CoffeeCartBiz.com. Our sales rep, Steve Cerecedes, proved to be extremely helpful and accommodating from start to finish. Steve and Coffee Cart Biz Inc. made it possible for us to receive our cart before the "holiday rush" and were able to complete the project in a record time (a week and a half)! Through over-the-phone training, we were able to get acquainted with our cart and open up for business the very next day! This truly is a "plug-in and profit" business! Our cart is a beautiful new addition to our Italian restaurant! Thanks CCB!"
--The Finazzo Family, Caffe Italia
GoodOnYa Deli
"When I decided to open a coffee business I didn't really know where to go to find a high quality company to build my business. I heard about Coffee Cart Biz Inc. through Cafe Moto, and decided to give them a shot. When comparing the competition locally and nationally, we determined that Coffee Cart Biz Inc. was the best choice to build our custom outdoor kiosk. After speaking with a customer service rep, I knew that Coffee Cart Biz was the perfect company to start my new business. We currently own three delis in the city of San Diego, named GoodOnYa Deli, and focus on high quality sandwiches and salads in highly populated business districts. When evaluating the competition we were looking for a company that would take the time to work with us, build our configuration within our time line and who could manufacture a business that was elegant enough to draw in our clientele for espresso based drinks, as well as our salads and sandwiches. We chose Coffee Cart Biz for their extensive knowledge and experience with the health department, in addition to their ability to custom design our configuration to fit into our unique space. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. built our business on time and in a professional manner. All of the employees are very knowledgeable in the coffee industry and construction aspects of coffee carts and kiosks. Every call made to Coffee Cart Biz answered more and more questions for me and we look forward to opening our fifth location with their assistance in design and fabrication."
--Steve Danielson, GoodOnYa Deli
La Croix United Methodist Church
La Croix United Methodist Church

I wanted to write you a quick note nearly a year after our coffee cart has been installed and in service. WE LOVE IT!!!!!

The cart itself functions beautifully and I have seen attendants as young as teenagers wheeling the water tanks to be refilled. So ease of operation has been great. We have had to tweak the brewers a bit to get them to flow as we need them, but the cart provides ample storage and looks fantastic in our lobby/cafe area. We currently are able to serve four types of coffee and hot water for assorted teas and cider simultaneously and require filling up only once before each service. So, it is able to keep up with our demand on a weekend with an average of 1800 in attendance without issue.

Having and using the cart itself has achieved what we desired, a reason for our church members to congregate, hang out and do life with each other on a regular basis in an inviting setting that encourages lingering. We have actually adjusted our two Sunday service times so that people could have time to enjoy a casual cup of coffee, to meet friends and to have an outreach to visitors and invited friends, family and neighbors without feeling rushed. The only adjustment we had to make to our set up was having to construct a platform behind the cart to manage cables and so that shorter attendants could see clearly around the brewers to interact with the coffee cart patrons.

Overall, we are very pleased with the service we received from your company. Customer service in the planning, shipping and arrival stages was excellent and helpful. Assembly and set up was quick and easy. And the cart itself looks great and works fantastically.

Thank you for all of your help! You provide a quality product you should be very proud of.

Warmest Regards,

Jill Chrusciel - La Croix United Methodist Church, Cape Girardeau, MO